Month: January 2022


What is an endocrine disruptor?

‘There is increasing Evidence That Endocrine Disruption (EDC) Exposures Play a Substantive Role In Disease Causation Or Progression.’ Gore et al 2015 An enormous quantity of medical literature involves the manipulation of synthetic chemicals at ultra-low doses – parts per billion, for example – to alter hormone function. Hormonally active […]


What is a wicked problem?

The theory of ‘wicked problems’ originated in the planning literature in 1973. Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber proposed that planning could no longer be efficiently managed by scientists and engineers due to the trickiness of goal setting and problem definition in dynamic systems with feedback loops, and the commensurate requirement […]

Biased Science

Biased Science: Pesticides

Pesticides. It’s Simple.  The Corporation Selling The Product Should Not Select The Safety Studies. In the world of pesticides, regulatory agency policies preferentialise unpublished industry data over published scientific data. This is enabled through the production of policies which favours the decisions made by unaccountable institutions, the WHO-FAO JMPR and […]